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"This is honestly one of the best fantasy books for young readers I've read in a long time. Magic and mayhem radiate from every page — I was hooked from the very first...Pardon my French, but literally the first thing that went through my head when I started reading this book was 'Damn, this is good s***!' I'm not kidding. I was incredibly impressed by Watson's world-building skills and narrative flow. The pacing manages to be fast and slow at once - he leaves enough hooks to make you want to keep reading, but also takes time to explore his world. In that sense, his book reminds me of the early Harry Potter books...Watson writes with an endearing style, allowing his descriptions to flow and his characters to speak for themselves.  There's a charming innocence to Magic Teacher's Son, which is a welcome relief from all the angst and anger of most young adult literature... Despite the looming danger, there's a certain joy that permeates every page, a delightful elan that makes this a lighthearted, fun read. Magic Teacher's Son has a colorful cast of characters... I found it utterly addictive. Couldn't stop reading. You would've had to pry my Kindle out of my cold, dead hands. It was just so... fun. And the world-building is incredibly rich, so reading this book is like stepping into a portal to another world. I would keep gushing over all the little bits and pieces I loved, but I'm afraid this review is already too long and you're probably rolling your eyes at my fangirling..."


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~ Karen E. Quinones Miller, bestselling author of Satin Doll and I'm Telling

"Magic Teacher's Son is fantasy at its finest! It's a cross between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but with its own unique twists. A mesmerizing tale that will appeal to both the young and the old."

~ Mary Fan, author of the Jane Colt sci-fi series, the Flynn Nightsider YA fantasy series, and the Fated Stars YA fantasy series

    "In the debut novel by David Harten Watson, we are introduced to the land of Eldor, a place that contains both familiar and fresh elements of the fantastic. The magic worked by the characters is a creative invention, with just enough rules and structure to prevent a free-for-all of spell-slinging... 
      "Watson describes this world with prose that is straight-forward, while capturing a true feel for the interplay between teenage characters. The military structure of the magical army was an outstanding touch that allowed the battle scenes to unfold with clarity. Pran is a likeable hero, and this book was a joy to read. It's about overcoming challenges, friendship, and trust, making choices, and protecting your home. Magic Teachers' Son is a solid introduction to the world that the author has crafted, and I'll be looking for the next book in this marvelous series."


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~ Clare L. Deming, author of "A Big Stabbity Bang" and "Princess Thirty-Nine"

"My name is Daniel Curry. I am 10 years old. I read lots of fantasy novels. I have read Magic Teachers Son cover to cover five times. It is a very good book. It is very well written. If you like books such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, this book is just right for you. When you read Magic Teachers Son you will be rushing to find out what happens next. Humor, magic and details radiate from every page. I think the book is worth much more than the cost."

~Daniel Curry

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